Why Marketing Is an Invaluable Skill

contractors marketing 1You’re a contractor, so you have to master many invaluable skills. One of the most often overlooked skills for contractors is marketing and advertising. After all, you prefer to let the quality of your work do the talking. But how can you do your work if people can’t find you? Contractor marketing drives traffic to you, helping you bid and win jobs and increase your overall earnings potential.

Spread the Word

You know how to do the work, and you’re good at it. People need the work done, but how do they find you? The answer is contractors marketing. To properly market and advertise your business, you first need to develop a consistent brand. You should have a professionally designed logo, matching business cards, and, yes, you need a website. When you have a consistent brand, it makes your company look professional across the board.

contractors marketing 2Let’s Start a Brand

Creating a brand for your company is one of the most beneficial things you can do to create a strong, growing business. This starts with a professional logo. Your logo speaks volumes about your business, what you do, and how professional you are. Think about the logos of other big companies—they are clean, memorable, and immediately communicate with viewers. Your logo should adorn your work vehicles, your business cards, your website, your paperwork, and even your hard hats and shirts.

Get Online

We live in the digital age. Which is why you absolutely need to have a website in order to succeed in the contracting industry. Your website will do the bulk of your contractors marketing for you. It should include a little about you, what licensed skills and jobs your company is able to take on, contact information, and some testimonials from happy customers. What’s more is that you will need to set up a company email and make sure you are answering and responding to communications quickly.

Having a website for your brand isn’t the end. You should also engage in SEO promotion and use social media like Twitter and Facebook. SEO promotion helps your website appear higher on search engines like Google, directing potential new customers to your site. Social media lets people know about specials or promotions you might be having, engages current customers, and drives traffic to your website.

Build Your Career

contractors marketing 3Ultimately, contractors marketing is an invaluable skill because it helps you put your contractor skills to work. When customers find you easily and your website is clear and ordered with helpful, necessary information, your business will thrive. Business and commerce are now conducted on the internet, even though your work is still done in the real world.

We Can Help

At Contractors License Resource Group, we have the tools to help you develop your brand. We can help you professionally design a logo, business cards, and even a website. We’re even capable of assistance with SEO promotions. Call today to find out more about contractor marketing!


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