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7 fully realized seminars that range from EPA Lead Certification to Business Infrastructure Installings.


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A Quick Overview Of Trades

The Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB) considers 43 Trade Classifications, plus Limited Specialties. While one trade is no more or less essential than the next, it’s very important that you obtain trade certifications that you can apply to your current specialization.

There are three types of trades: General, Specialty, and Limited Specialty. General includes two types of trades, General A Engineering and General B Building. There are 41 combined Specialty and Limited Specialty Trades under the C and C61 Trades, which include the D Trade categories. There are different requirements for each Trade type, so working with an experienced school to learn what you need is crucial. Read the full list here.

Your Steps to Success

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We make it easy to enroll.



We provide workbooks, seminars,
video lectures, trade books, and more.

Learn at your own pace at home
or enroll in our classes for guided instruction.


We guarantee the opportunity
to pass the licensing exam
3 months after your first class.

Services Offered

Contractors License Resource Group educates each student through the entire enrollment and test preparation process. With at-home and on-site programs, our California contractor school provides vital information, tools, and materials necessary for students to pass their exams the first time. We provide full access to online practice tests for one year.

For complete hands-on instruction, CLRG contractors license school provides you with a course study workbook for each class, comprehensive lectures, over 2000 Law and Business, Trade, and Online course questions with detailed explanations, and expert resources. Interact with other students and licensed professionals at one of our contractor school locations in California.

We also offer online contractors license courses that feature helpful materials, instructional videos, coursework, and comprehensive quizzes to prepare you for testing. Our teachers and counselors are available for any online student to answer questions and review work. Feel free to contact our contractors license school anytime for help.

Contractors License Resource Group instructs our students through the entire application process. Since nearly half of all applications to the California State Licensing Board are rejected due to minor faults, we review and edit your application to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Don’t waste time and money submitting and resubmitting your application. We will accurately and expertly file your application for you. With over 60 types of applications and forms for various contractor licenses, our experts can help you decipher which applications you need to fill out.

We are one of the only contractors license schools nationwide that offers a comprehensive orientation program. Familiarize yourself with the licensing process and join as our expert instructors guide new students through their first day.

Why is a Contractor’s License Needed?

If you want to grow your business and take on large scale projects, a contractor’s license is crucial to your career development. Generally, if the total cost of a project is over $500, you’ll need this license to work on any home, building, road, parking facility, railroad, excavation, or highway in California. The license covers 44 active specializations.

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CLRG can help you to fulfill all necessary requirements with our contractors licensing school. As long as you have at least four years of full-time experience in the last ten years as a journeyman, foreman, supervising employee, contractor, or owner-builder, you can qualify to get this license.

To complete the requirements for a contractor’s license, we recommend enrolling in our classes to learn about law and business, trade, health and safety, and business planning.

Business Seminars

If you’re already a licensed contractor and are looking for the resources to grow your business, our continuing education seminars are the perfect next step.

Our business seminars provide you with the tools to maximize your earning potential and advise on branding and marketing. Our California contractor school seminars will teach how to hire, create job estimates, and enter bids on a contract. At CLRG, we offer courses in marketing, EPA lead certifications, blueprint reading, and estimating fundamentals.

Corporation Set Up

For those who wish to incorporate their business once they’ve passed the exam, our Corporation Set Up service is an invaluable asset for your business. This service includes:

  • Articles of incorporation and a statement of information filed on your behalf
  • An Employer Identification Number
  • A corporate seal customized by-laws and initial minutes
  • Stock certificates and ledgers
  • Annual reminder notices
  • A corporate compliant one-on-one consultation.

At CLRG, we help contractors achieve their career goals, even helping them create a brand with our marketing package. With our services, you’ll be able to connect with clients, win bids, and increase your earning potential. For additional marketing, business, and contracting advice, explore our resourceful blog to keep your business running smoothly.

Our Mission

At CLRG, we ensure that our students have the necessary tools to pass their exam the first time. With a 99% pass rate, we focus on giving our students all of the help they need to reach their goals. Utilize our services and attend our classes until you pass.

Each student at our contractors license school in California is prepared for all aspects of the exam. After enrollment, they are guided through the coursework, the application, and the testing. We over-prepare our students for all aspects of their exam, including extensive review of courses such as Law, Health and Safety, and Mathematics, along with specific trade classes.

At CLRG, we are committed to helping you establish a stable contracting career.
Start your journey with Contractors License Resource Group today!

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Rudy Herrera

From the first step in the door, Josie & Erika were very helpful and informative.

Willy Omar Santos

My experience in school was so good. The teachers are professional and treat you as a person not a number, and the material they provide is accurate and up to date.

Daniel Virgen

First of all I am glad I found this school which has helped me in many ways.

Yener Delgado

The staff from CLRG are very well trained, they helped me step by step until I got my license.

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